Wellington's Elite

Sensual Massage Boutique


We are one the most skilled and transparent agencies for newcomers, providing a safe and respectful working environment for all of our masseuses.
We are not a brothel, so there will be no expectation of sex during your appointments. You will be provided full sensual massage training and eased into work at your own pace.

You are considered a self-employed contractor and I am your agent, but also your confidant, stylist and manager. I arrange bookings around your schedule, provide an elegant and safe premises to operate in, and access to vetted and established clientele.

If you are interested in joining our agency, please email velvet.massage.nz@gmail.com, attach a recent photo of yourself - If we determine we are a suitable agency to represent you, we will arrange to meet with you in-person.

In-person meets are non-binding for you and for the agency - your credentials will remain private at all times.

Should we be mutually interested in working together you will be introduced exclusively to our most trusted regulars - these are gentlemen who we have known for years.

We are not looking for flawless perfection - however we do require that you be health conscious and engage in regular fitness and a high standard of grooming. Your body is your business, and our clients will invest only in women who practice high levels of self-care. While most of our clientele seem to prefer smaller dress sizes, if you have a good diet and a regular exercise regime (or just good genetics), larger sizes are sometimes accepted.

Room Rental

If you are an independent escort looking for bedroom hire please enquire for hourly/daily/weekly rates